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Sony TVBig Screen Plasma, LCD and LED TVs – Get the Television that’s right for you!
Your local 1OO% Barrell's Extreme store brings you great deals on new plasma, LCD and LED televisions to watch the big sporting events. Let us guide you through the latest TV technology.

Not only do we stock all the big TV brands like Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung but we also have the experience to help you choose from the three leading variants of flat screen TVs: LCDs, Plasmas and LED. All have their advantages, but here are their differences you need to consider:

  • LCD Overall LCDs provide a great viewing experience. Images are sharp, and there are a wide range of screen sizes available.
  • PLASMA This is usually the model chosen by those wanting top home-theatre image quality. Creates better quality blacks than LCD, and has a wider viewing angle, so you can sit down and watch from different places in a room great if you like to bring your mates around to watch the footie.
  • LED/LCD The black and colours produced by LED are almost Plasma-like. Other advantages include power-savings from its energy efficiency and a super-slim design that looks great hanging on a wall bracket.
High Definition or HD TV is now almost standard on all our TVs. HD relates to the tiny pixels that make up the image. The more pixels there are, the clearer the image. High Definition is either 1366×768 lines of resolution, or 1024×768. Full HD is 1920×1090 lines of resolution meaning a smoother clearer picture.  And if you want to get the most of your Full HD television, you should also invest in a Full HD Blu-Ray player.3D TV
If you’re buying a new LCD TV to watch sport you need to choose one with 100Hz (hertz) or more listed as a feature. With 100Hz, the picture is refreshed at double the speed. This reduces the appearance of flickering during fast-moving sequences like run-away tries or motor sport. Some models also now feature 400Hz!
At the end of the day, don’t be beaten by the jargon. Your friendly Barrells 1OO% Appliances Store would love to help you make the perfect choice for home entertainment.

Going Digital – Are you Ready?

New Zealand Television is going digital. Many New Zealanders have already made the change – have you gone digital?

The old analogue network will be progressively turned between September 2012 and November2013. Were going digital so we can all have better picture and sound quality, more channels and advanced features such as on screen TV guides.

Do I Need To Go Digital?
  • If you already watch TV on Freeview, SKY or TelstraClear you have already gone digital!
  • If you don’t watch TV using any of these services, you’ll need to switch to digital TV.
There is a variety of ways you can go digital.
Freeview HD Tuner Television
1OO% Barrells Extreme Appliances has a wide range of new televisions available with a HD Freeview tuner built-in. If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a new TV, make sure you choose one that suits your needs.
UHF set-top box.
Freeview recommends receiving Freeview via UHF aerial either by purchasing a new TV with Freeview inbuilt, or by purchasing a UHF set-top box. The benefit of receiving Freeview via UHF is the added bonus of receiving some of your favourite programmes in High Definition. FreeviewHD is available via UHF to about 75% of New Zealand Homes, and to see if Freeview is available via UHF in your area, please visit www.freeviewnz.tv/get_freeview/
Via Satellite set top box
For those who do not receive a UHF signal, Freeviews Satellite signal will still give you crystal clear, digital quality reception, more TV channels and features such as an 8-day on screen guide. All you need is a satellite dish and satellite set-top box.
TV and DVD