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Sunbeam Appliances

Here at Sunbeam, we make products for real people, and real, New Zealand needs. Through cutting edge innovation and intelligent design, we aim to make it easier and simpler for you to do those things you do every day: clean, cook, organise, or even entertain.

Our history is one of innovation and creativity. It harks back to 1910, when we imported the revolutionary Princess Electric Iron from the U.S - and forever changed the way Kiwi's took to their ironing. Following the popularity of this first small electrical appliance, Sunbeam began importing more and more - and in 1948, launched the Sunbeam Mixmaster, the first small electrical appliance to be manufactured in Australia. Costing more than a month's wages, the Mixmaster sold more than 725,000 units in just 10 years.

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