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FridgeFridge, Freezer or Fridge Freezer – find the right refrigeration to suit your needs

Buying a new fridge or freezer means balancing a number of considerations including size, budget, features and design. This handy guide helps you choose a size and format that suits your needs.
Yes, it starts with a measuring tape. Most kitchens are built with a dedicated space for the fridge. So the first step is to get a measuring tape and see how much room you have (i.e the height, width and depth of the space). Unless you’re prepared to re-do your cabinetry, you’ll need to choose a fridge that fits your existing space. 100% Barrells Extreme Appliances has a wide range of refrigerators available – of all shapes & sizes!
Freezer top, freezer bottom or side by side?  When you’re choosing a combined fridge/freezer, you can choose one with a freezer mounted at the top, at the bottom or on one side. Models with a top mounted freezer are generally a little more energy efficient while those with a bottom-mounted freezer are more ergonomic since we tend to go to the fridge more often than the freezer.

Side-by-side models are a larger format, 90cm wide or more, and provide plenty of storage space. The fridge compartment tends to feature a range of handy drawers and shelves and let you store the most often used items in easy reach. The freezer capacity tends to be more than a typical fridge/freezer but has quite narrow shelves and large families may still need more room.

Options for Bigger Families and Entertainers. Some people want a super-sized fridge and freezer for their kitchen rather than chasing to a chest freezer all the time. While there are some extra-large side-by-side models of around 700 litres capacity, another option lies in a matching pair of fridge and vertical freezer. These paired units allow you to get closer to a 50:50 mix in your fridge and freezer storage and give loads of storage space.
Ice, Water and WOW!  Side-by-side models are very popular and their ice and water makers are particularly appealing. With a constant supply of ice, you’ll never have to worry about refilling those ice-cube trays again! The filtered water is also great for encouraging healthy drinking habits in kids, and keeping hydrated during the day. If you don’t have room for a side-by-side model, there are now smaller and more affordable fridge/freezer formats that offer automatic ice and/or filtered water through the door so ask in store if one of these may suit your home.
Where have all the Butter Conditioners gone? Have you noticed that fridges don’t come with butter conditioners any more? No it wasn’t a margarine conspiracy, the manufacturers had to remove them to meet strict government minimum performance standards. Butter conditioners wasted too much energy – when you think about it, they were a mini-heater in your fridge!
Trusted Big Brands.  100% Barrells Extreme Appliances is a trusted retailer that focus on selling the brands you can trust too.  We have big brands that stand behind the quality and performance of their fridges and freezers – brands like Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Electrolux, Bosch, Simpson, Samsung, Mitsubishi and LG.  
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