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Front Load WasherWashing Machines: Front Load vs Top Load washers

Washing machines are the hardest working household appliance relied on to plough through laundry with speed and efficiency. Keep wash day blues at bay by letting us help you choose the right washer to suit your needs.
Traditionally New Zealanders have preferred top-loading washing machines – we grew up watching our laundry swirling around with an agitator. Top load washers have advantages of speed, easy loading and familiarity but do tend to use much more water than front loaders.
Front load washers emerged out of Europe primarily and many New Zealanders came across these in their European OE. Front loaders were especially prized for their gentleness on clothes, water efficiency, compact size and excellent spin speeds. Historical objections including the inconvenience of loading, longer washes cycles and smaller capacity have now largely been overcome. Most front load washers now have short wash cycle options, a load capacity rivalling most top-load washers, bigger doors for easier loading and the ability to add extra laundry during most cycles.
It is now essentially a choice between water conservation where front load washers win the day, ergonomics where top-loaders still win and the best deals available. 
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Laundry Appliances