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DishwashDishwashers & Dishdrawer: A 1OO% Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for a cheap first dishwasher or a designer stainless steel dishwasher we have access to the best brands in the market including Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Haier, Samsung and LG.
Choosing a Dishwasher: A Guide to Size
The standard size dishwasher is 600mm wide x 600mm deep, and standard bench height. Ask in-store about new “tall” models that still fit under-bench but have a bit more height meaning more storage space inside.
100% Barrell's Extreme Appliances also stock narrow models that are 45cm wide for smaller kitchens; as well as single dishdrawers and bench top models that are great for studio apartments or kitchenettes.
Dishwasher or Dishdrawer?Dish Drawer
This is a personal preference. The advantages of a double dishdrawer are that you can wash two loads on separate cycles (e.g stem ware and pots) or you can start loading one while the other runs its cycle. Dishdrawers are also easier to load and can be subtly integrated (hidden) behind kitchen cabinetry.  The more standard dishwasher format is easier to install and may have more flexible basket layouts. The choice is yours.
Come in-store and try out our dishwashers for size
At 100% Barrell's Extreme, we're happy for you to get hands on if it helps you find the right appliance. With a dishwasher, its important that it will fit your favourite dinner set, bowls, platters or stem ware. So bring a few of your plates and glasses into the store, and try stacking them in different models. Trust us, this can avoid a lot of frustration when it you get it home!
Hey, keep the noise down.. The decibel ratings of a dishwasher.
You want to keep your dishwasher as quiet as possible – especially if your kitchen is near the living or bedroom areas. The operating noise level will be specified in a decibel rating for each model. As a guide, 47 decibels is average; 45 or lower is better.
Dishwasher Design & Finish
When you’re renovating your kitchen (or planning to) you’ll want the design of your dishwasher to match the design of your oven for a coordinated look throughout the kitchen – fortunately the major wall oven brands are conscious of this and have an integrated design approach. 
For a standalone situation or if you are replacing your dishwasher, the leading brands of dishwashers have a selection of both white and stainless steel dishwashers and now the stainless steel models tend most often to have a finish that is resistant to finger marks to keep their gleaming appearance for longer. 
Dishwasher brands you can trust from the retailer you can trust.
Your 100% Barrells Extreme Appliance Store has access to the leading dishwasher brands including Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Westinghouse, LG, Haier, Samsung and Simpson. 100% Barrells has the experience and buying power to help you choose well and find a great deal.