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DéLonghi is a Group currently involved in far reaching expansion, fully capable of carrying into the world at large that unique and winning business philosophy long associated with Italian products.

The DéLonghi Group is a leader operating in the comfortable-living field

The DéLonghi Group is a leader operating in the comfortable-living field in four different business sectors: heating; air-conditioning and air-treatment; food preparation and cooking; and house-cleaning and ironing.

Ideas and innovation, research and development, production know-how, brand strength and international distribution have made DéLonghi a continuously expanding, multi-specialist Group.

The Group is world leader in the portable heating, air-conditioning and air-treatment appliances and aims at achieving New Zealand leadership in cooking, ironing and floor-care appliances.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable the Group to provide products that are competitive in cost and extremely high in quality

The prime factor in DéLonghi's enviable success is closely linked to the company's heritage of ideas and innovation. A company that has successfully expanded starting from portable heating (oil-filled electric radiators, electric convectors, fan-heaters, catalytic and infra-red gas heaters, etc) progressing to air-conditioning, a division in which DéLonghi is unique for its appliance offering, from the most versatile single unit portable air-conditioner, the famous Pinguino, right up to refrigeration and air conditioning system for industrial and civil complex uses, such as shopping centres, hospitals, banks and hotels.

The DéLonghi product offering also encompasses appliances for air treatment, floor care, food preparation and cooking (microwave and electric ovens, coffee machines, deep fryers, contact grills, food processors, etc), gas and electric free-standing cookers, built-in ovens and tops, water-circulating heating units for centralised heating system.

The broad array of products is the result of productive, technological and sales synergies; the constant development is made possible by significant investments into Marketing, product line development, market and consumer behaviour analyses, Research  and Development and Industrial delonghiDesign, where the idea is transformed into a product.

Another strong point of the DéLonghi Group is the continuous technological improvement of individual production unit and the correct management of the most critical phases of the production process to optimise productivity and product differentiation beside accelerate "time-to market". Modern and automated plants, specialisation and complementary: these are the elements that make the DéLonghi plants state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and enable the Group to provide products that are competitive in cost and extremely high in quality.

The DéLonghi Group is a strong Italian force on the international business scene thanks to its distribution network present in more than 50 countries. Exclusive distributors, direct subsidiaries and representation offices guarantee the Group continuous growth and the achievement of the grand project of constant expansion in all the principal markets and countries of the world, from Europe to North America, from Japan to South Africa.