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Cooking Appliances

Cooking ApplianceWall ovens and stoves – free standing or built in, we can help

We have a fantastic selection of cooking options available to suit every home chef and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a wall oven, a stove or a fancy free standing cooker, your friendly 100% Barrells Appliance Store can help you make the right choice – it’s an important decision because you use your oven so often and the quality of oven can directly affect the quality of your cooking. 

For many people oven size does matter.  Oven size is measured in litres of capacity and the largest size in a single oven is about 80 litres. If you have a large family, or love to entertain, then you might want to consider an even bigger format. Double ovens allow you to cook at two different temperatures or functions (e.g cook a roast and a delicate souffle at the same time).  Double ovens either feature two full sized ovens or one main oven with an economical  additional half-sized oven for smaller dishes or for when the main oven is in use already.

How many oven functions do I need?  Your choice of oven or stove may depend on your budget but also needs to reflect the type of cook you are. A basic bake & grill oven may be sufficient if you don’t cook often or for rental properties however a multi-function oven is needed if you are, or aspire to be, a more accomplished cook. Multi-function ovens can range from three to thirteen or more baking functions the different functions can make your baking better but not if your too confused or intimidated to use them. Let us help you choose wisely.

What are my options when replacing my stove?  If your old free standing cooker needs replacing and you don’t want to renovate your kitchen there are still plenty of options available.  There is a wide range of traditional white stoves with all the cooking features and functions you would expect of a premium oven as well as affordable basic bake & grill models.  Given the importance of your kitchen in adding value to your home, ask the team at your local 1OO% store about stainless steel free standing options to modernise your kitchen without renovating.

Trusted Big Brands.  100% Barrells Extreme Appliances is a trusted retailer that focus on selling the brands you can trust too.  We have big brands that stand behind the quality and performance of their ovens and stoves – brands like Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Electrolux and Bosch.  

Cooking Appliances


Be 1OO% more informed about Induction Cooktops

The science of induction cooktops can be intimidating but the benefits are compelling. 1OO% stores have access to the leading brands of induction cooktops including Bosch, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel and Westinghouse.

The science of induction cooktops can be intimidating but the benefits are compelling.Induction Cooktop An induction cooktop is quicker than gas, have more control, provide an even heat distribution across your pot, can achieve a lower simmer lever and also give you a cooler and safer kitchen.

Induction technology combines the easy cleaning of advantage of ceramic cooktops with the speed and responsiveness of gas hobs and has greater control as a bonus. The speed is impressive - water can be brought to the boil in half the time of traditional cooktops. It is also safer, because it creates heat in the bottom of the pot so the rest of cooking surface and your kitchen remain cooler.

Induction hobs work by creating an electro-magnetic field with the base of your cooking pot. It will work on any pot with a ferrous metal base you can test whether your existing saucepans are suitable by seeing if a magnet will stick to the pot - if it does they're fine.

Barrells 1OO% Extreme home appliance store has access to the leading brands of induction cooktops including Bosch, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel and Westinghouse so visit your locally owned store today for more information.