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A bit about our history.
It all started with a big dream in a small room. The dream was this: to create the world’s best camera. In 1934 in a simple Tokyo apartment room, a group of passionate young people successfully built a prototype, which was named Kwanon. The following year, Japan’s first ever 35mm focal-plane-shutter camera, the Hansa Canon, was born, marking the beginning of the Canon brand.
Steady progress was made and in 1955, Canon made its first step into the global market with the opening of an office in New York City, followed two years later by an office in Switzerland. By 1967 exports already topped 50% of the company’s total sales and from this point on, there was no looking back.
Canon in New Zealand.canon

Canon opened the doors of its first New Zealand office in 1989. We now employ over 200 staff across the country, with our head office in an iconic building on Auckland’s North Shore. Over the years we’ve witnessed an incredible growth in uptake of Canon products and technology, at both a consumer and business to business level.
Our cameras have always been popular with Kiwis, and that’s clearly reflected by our number one market positioning in the imaging catagory. On the business solutions side of the company, we have moved from simply supplying photocopiers and printers to providing fully integrated business solutions. These solutions help many New Zealand companies, as well as government agencies and education sectors, to become more efficient, productive and profitable.
Our global DNA.

Behind Canon’s 75-plus year history lie three important things - an enterprising spirit, an emphasis on technology and a respect for humanity. The first two drive our company forward and help us discover new ways to meet the ever increasing demands of consumers and businesses.  These along with our respect for humanity make up the corporate DNA of our company.  We’re committed to passing this DNA onto future generations, to ensure growth and improvement for many years to come.
The corporate philosophy of Canon is Kyosei and everything we do as a company reflects this. Kyosei is defined as ‘living and working together for the common good’. We’ve further developed its meaning to ‘all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future’. Put simply, a commitment to Kyosei means a commitment to help making the world a better place. That’s why we aim to foster good relations with not only our customers, but with all that who we come into contact with. This way we can help make a difference in all areas of society. That’s what Kyosei is all about.