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Do I need an Audio System? – Well yes you do to complete your home entertainment experience. The most overlooked part of an entertainment area is the Audio/ Sound System or otherwise known as the Home Theatre System. The Home Theatre is now more important than ever.  Advancements in technology have made them so easy to use. So why do you need a Home Theatre with your TV purchase? See some of the following Q & A’s that will help you understand.

Q. - Home Theatre is complicated to use.Home Theatre

A. - Home Theatre Systems has never been easier to use. Depending on the brand you can control your Home Theatre with your TV remote needing only to use one remote control (HDMI CEC). HDMI CEC is also referred to as, Viera Link (Panasonic), Anynet+ (Samsung), Bravia Sync (Sony), SimpLink (LG), REGZA-LINK (Toshiba), etc.

Q. - Home Theatre Systems are too costly

A. - Home Theatre system can be expensive but they also can be very affordable. Depending on your needs, "Home Theatre in Box" start form as little as about $250.

Q. - Won’t the Home Theatre clutter the room?

A. - There are several types of Home Theatre Systems including 5.1 speaker packages & Soundbar’s. Soundbar’s can sit below the TV or wall mounted with no need to clutter the room. Some 5.1 Packages allow for all the speakers to be positioned at the front of the room and act in the same way as a Soundbar.

Q. - It is another box that I need to find a spot for.

A. - Well yes, but it also could replace & update a unit you already have. Home Theatre Systems often include Blu-ray or DVD playback in the main unit. The latest models have also 3D Movie playback & iPod docking.

Q. - Isn’t the sound on my TV adequate anyway?

A. - TV’s are now thinner which allows less space to place speakers in the TV cabinet. The result is often lower quality sound quality and volume. Some Free to Air broadcasts along with DVD & Blu-ray all include surround sound. Only a Home Theatre System can take full advantage of 5.1 Surround Sound.

Q. - Setting up a Home Theatre sound like a nightmare.

A. - Most Home Theatre Systems today have colour coded wires to connect the speakers. HDMI has minimised the wires needed to connect to other devices. The most important thing is that most offer an “Auto Setup” so it takes the pain out of the calibration.

A Home Theatre System can give you the following additional benefits over the TV alone:
  • Play Blu-ray
  • Play DVD
  • AM/ FM Radio
  • Play CD
  • Play iPod/ iPhone
  • Play back Video/ Music/ Pictures via USB
  • Auto setup/ calibration for optimum listening
  • Connect TV sound to the Home Theatre for surround sound from TV broadcasts.
  • True 5.1 Surround Sound


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